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History of fashion brands

At the beginning

There are so many fashion brands nowadays but it all started in Europe. There was the hierarchical system in Europe and people in high society enjoyed fashion as a concept. The fashion then symbolised their power and it was an entertainment that was limited to people in high society that could afford. The centre of fashion was in Paris since then, and a concept of designers wasestablished in the 18th century.

Transition of fashion brands

Haute couturecame into the fashion world that was purely for people in high society in the 19th century. Haute couture means the made-to-order clothes/dresses and it is said that a person called Charles Frederick Worth introduced it. Worth, who used to be called as god of fashion mode invented the way to make clothes to desired sizes by showing customers the samples of clothes on the models.

After that invention, a big revolution occurred in the fashion industry. It was the release from corsets and that was proposed by a fashion designer called Paul Poiret. By taking off corsets that tighten the silhouette, many new designs were created.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion industry entered into the mass production era. The fashion concept that was for high society spread among the commoners. The linier design and simple fashion became the main stream. Also more women advanced to societies around that time and the necessity of the clothes that was easy to move was a key element.

Although the centre of fashion was mainly in Europe during those years, the American fashion started in USA from late 1930’s. American fashion was based on casual style and its feature was simple and practical. The designer who got a lot attention among those was Christian Dior. Dior’s collection called New Look well-matched to the practical American style and it met to the needs of the mass consumption.

Since then the fashion kept changing with Dior as a leader. The concept of A-line and Y-line that are now commonplace was also created.

The rock culture spread in the 50's and jeans became popular. The beatnik style was established and the rock style such as leather jackets and regent hairstyle spread.

From the 60's, the main stream of Haute couture was replaced by another fashion movement called Pret-a-porter. Pret-a-porter means ready-to-wear clothes. By that time, the trend was created by youngsters. That was the reason why Pret-a-porter style that formed the trend inspired by youngsters was established. Many trend including Hippy style, mini skirt and trouser style was born.

A lot of movement such as Punk style in the 70's, the rise of the designers' brands in the 80's and minimalism in the 90's kept changing the fashion industry. Fashion was no longer just to make clothes, but it played a major role that reflected the era and went into people's lives.

The brands that affected the current fashion

The current fashion is affected by many designers in the past. In particular, it is said that the designers like Chanel in the 20's and Mary Quant in the 60's had the most influence in the industry.

Chanel who proposed the style pursuing simple and elegance gave big influence to liberation of female fashion style. She used jersey material that was only used for men's underwear by then, and introduced trouser style for women. It was also Chanel who created a new fashion trend using the black, which had been shunned as the color of mourning until then.

Mary Quant also much influenced the women's fashion style in the 60's. Mini skirts were naturally born in London that was known as birthplace of the street fashion at that time. The designer who commercialised those mini skirts for the first time was Mary Quant. Mini skirt became mega hit by overwrapping with Twiggy who wore these skirts a lot. Mini skirt which spread the width of women's clothing design is influencing many designers even now.

Fashion becoming to business

Among so many fashion brands, it becamedifficult for smaller brands to survive. The brands that did not have much funds were forced the predicament. When it came tothe 90's, pursuit of profit by progression of IT technology and the globalisation made a huge change. IT, efficiency and cost reduction became important elements.

During that time, the restructuring in fashion industry moved on. The giant enterprises were born by acquisition of brands. The owners of luxurious brands like LVMH (Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton), Kering (Gucci and Balenciaga) and Richemont Group (Cartier and Chloe ) became stronger, while the low cost brands such as Uniqlo, H&M and ZARA became bigger.

Although the fashion brands produced many trend throughout the eras, it is the fact that they cannot survive without making profit and business concept, just by pursuing trend.

Variations of Fashion brands

There are various fashion brands today. The imported brands mean overseas brands including the luxurious brands like Gucci and Prada, as well as the low cost brand like H&M. Haute couture became a business that is limited to Royal families and high class celebrities as its customers. Furthermore there are other types of brands; private brands are made by select shops and department stores as its original brands. Also there are Indies brands that are independently created by designers with their own capital.

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