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Outlet mall - Shopping Guide

Outlet mall is

Outlet malls are shopping centers collecting many outlet stores born in 1980's in the U.S. The outlet mall is the store where manufacturer and retailer collect and sell their stocks of last season, B-rated items with little stains and sample items with cheaper price than the list price. The first mall in Japan is OUTLET MALL RISM in Fujimino city of Saitama prefecture.

Because they are required not having effect to proper stores and sales channels, it's unique that they are placed in the area with inconvenience of transportation. That's why they try to attract customers by not only 1 store but the outlet mall as the collectivity of outlet stores.

Customers have an advantage that they can buy brandname goods with cheaper price and companies also have a benefit that they can do clearance without spoiling their brands images.

The famous outlets are

There are many outlet malls in Japan, Premium Outlets affiliate and Mitsui Outlet affiliate are famous one of them.

9 Premium Outlets in Japan have many top-brands outlet stores and that is one of their characters. They prove popular by accommodating many high brand shops like Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, BURBERRY and Dolce&Gabbana and others. Besides, they are also placed around the sightseeing area, so there are often many package bus tours to outlet malls and sightseeing spots.

Mitsui affiliated outlet malls have second ranked sale after Premium Outlets. They don't allow selling products only for outlet purpose that often created recently and put value on brand's quality.

The way to shop wisely at outlets

There are many shops at outlet malls. It's advised to pick up the stores you want to go to and go straight there at the large one with shops as many as 200.

It's also better to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Here's a tip to walk around there wisely that you should minimize the number of bags you carry because they have coin-operated lockers. In case with little kids, it's better to bring your strollers.

Most of them don't provide the service of adjusting size of clothes and therefore they have remodeling stores. When you want to buy pants that you want to adjust its size, you can try it on and be measured to adjust it and then bring it to the remodeling stores. It's wise way to make a time schedule that you buy products need to repaired first and then you can pick them up when you leave the outlet mall because you can buy cheap stuffs there.

Recently, they often make products only for outlet purpose. They are expand a new work with the price which is not available at proper stores. It's because outlet products from proper stores often can't fulfill the store's space enough, and so each company design new collections. But it's also the fact that many customers don't feel they can take advantage of it due to exclusive products.

When you want to keep out of the way of outlet-purposed products with no reason, you should check the tag on them. In case of the brand that have clean tags and old tags together, new tags are often for outlet-purposed products. If the simple designed products remained unsold with huge color variations, they're also likely outlet-purposed products.

But the best way to enjoy outlet malls is buying the things you want to buy without thinking too much. It's advised to research the website of brands before you go there in order to walk around and get your favorite one within the limited time.

The way to enjoy outlet malls

Most of outlet malls have the food court to let customers stay there all day. Depending on malls, some focus on it and have waiting line for it by incorporating the area limited products.

In addition, recently there are outlet malls with event spaces like GRANDBERRY MALL in Machida city of Tokyo has a movie theater. They are nice places for a date all day long because each place has images such as Southern French and American port town.

There is also the mall where has playground for kids like Sano Premium Outlets. It makes wide walkways so that family can enjoy and feel safety. It's a nice place where parents and children can satisfy and a recommended place for family who have trouble finding where to go.

How to get to outlet malls

There are outlet malls often built in the area where is called the commercialized area and is about 90 minutes far from the urban area. Therefore, it can't be denied we have a little lack of accessibility. The most used transportation options are cars or taking a train to a neighboring station and then taking a bus. Some of them provide the service of nonstop bus.

They are also placed around the sightseeing area, so there are many package bus tours to outlet malls and sightseeing spots.

Outlet malls not only provide you reasonable shopping but also invent working through many target demographics, and they would be more lively in the future.

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