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White shirts are my favourite this season and I can't help looking at them despite I already have many of those. I tried this shirt on as I liked both the colour and shape. The staff was very kind and brought various skirts and trousers that suited the shirt, as well as giving me many coordination suggestions. Because I liked them both, I eventually bought both the shirt and the bottom item. I always enjoy trying on clothes because I can try something that I don't normally pick and it leads me to rediscovery. I almost tempted to wear them when going home, as it was nicely being coordinated. I was satisfied with my purchases.

Hamburger King
  shimamura forte yukinori

The shop is on the 2nd floor within a supermarket called BELC that was about 20-minute walk from Myoden station. The shop was neither big or small, and it was comfortable to look around everything. Went there for an underwear combo but it was difficult to choose because it seemed to be the timing that the items were being replaced and there weren't many. I bought the items at regular price after all because the size on the bargain items didn't fit. There were many mums with primary school kids and junior high school students as it was on Sunday and the shop was on the 2nd floor of the supermarket. I'm going to pop in again if I have another chance.

  g.u. takinomizu

Me and my friend bought gaucho trousers in Black. They were comfortable and I was pleased that I could finally bought them as I wanted them for a long time. I also bought a T-shirt and I could enjoy shopping with friend as there were many varieties of T-shirts. It was very nice that the staff quickly dealt with it when I asked if there were in different sizes. Although I used to feel that it was a pain to be talked by shop assistants when I went to boutiques, I enjoyed shopping at this shop as they didn't unnecessarily talk to us.

  Rope Picnic atre Kawasaki

I often buy clothes from this brand and also look at the small items such as accessories, shawls and hats. Although I think that buying at a shop physically is advantage as we can get advice from the staff, they aren't really kind for this point at this shop because it's too busy. My impression is that they are relatively modest to talk to customers and it might be suitable to people who don't want to be disturbed while shopping. The shop is very small and there are not so many items accordingly, as the items are placed with enough space between each others to make easier to choose. I often check online and picked some items before going to see the actual items, but they often don't have those. Actually the necklace that I wanted to look at wasn't there. Same thing happened when I went to check the shawls and hats. I could, of course, order them but I can't see any difference from buying online if I do it. Although there is no issue about the staff's service, It's a shop that I wouldn't like actively buying, because of its poor item availability.

  GALLERY VISCONTI white avenue

Although I like the cute clothes from this brand, I don't buy them at this shop because the attitude of shop assistants including the shop manager is terrible, and often purchase at the Umeda shop on the way instead. The department store staff is studying hard for the items, and they talk in good manner as well as being elegant. If buying same things, I believe that it's important to feel good during the shopping. Also the Shinsaibashi shop's blog looks like the shop manager's personal diary but no one wants to know about her private life. She'd better to stop revealing about herself too much.

I love fashion! Tips to enjoy being fashionable.

Divided fashion into genres

Shops and magazines divide the taste of fashion into genres in order to set the target demographic because there are many tastes of women's fashion. Compared to the fashion of kids and men, it's unique that women's fashion genres are various.

Conserva-Kei is the fashion expresses femininity and women's soft charms. It's the genre created by the word "conservative" meaning as not progressive and its character is to keep up with the current basic and feminine trend. It's also know as the fashion most men prefer.

Urahara-Kei is the high sensitive fashion in the center of stores along Harajuku street and Shibuyagawa street. Its unique point is to dress stylishly with own favorite tastes.

We call Mori-Girl(forest-girl), who prefers the calm and soft fashion themed on the natural girl who is likely in forests.

Besides, Feminine-Kei is placed between Mori-Girl and Conserva-Kei. They prefer clothes made by soft fabric such as the chiffon and the lace and the feminine sweet fashion.

There are other fashion genres like Gal-Kei, Mode-Kei, Punk-Kei, Himegal-Kei(princes and gal), Gothloli-Kei, Kirecagi-Kei(Clean and casual) and etc.

Character of fashion magazines and tenants

Many fashion magazines for women are created and defined the target audience. Akamoji-magazine(red lettered magazine) like JJ, ViVi, Ray and CanCam and others targets mainly to Conserva-Kei. It's easier to find the magazine of your favorite genre by finding out each magazine's target, for example, More, with and STORY are to Feminine-Kei and Zipper is to Mori-girl.

And the tenants where accommodate many fashion brands tends to heavily show each fashion genre's character depending on the conditions of location and so on. There is a feature that the fashion building 109 in Shibuya is mainly for Gal-Kei, Marubiru and LUMINE Yurakucho in Marunouchi area are for Conserva-Kei and Feminine-Kei.

Changes of the trend in the past decade

The fashion trend for women will change very rapidly.

In the middle of the 2000's, the style blending the opposing items together such as casual items with dressy items and rock items with feminine items by own sense was popular. It was because there were less charismatic icons and more women pursuing their individualities. The reader model who is non-professional reader rather than the professional model started to appear on magazines and they came to gain popularity.

And the trend is the appearance of Mori-Girl and the rise of fast fashion. Yama-Girl(mountain-girl) derived from Mori-Girl was born so that there were more women finding out their favorite tastes. In addition, the fast fashion became popular in 2000's and established its popularity and international fast fashion brands became to be widely developed and that is also one of characters.

Since 2010, the recurrence of the fashion in 90s and 80s has been seen. It's said that the fashion trend is supposed to be in and out in 20-year-cycle but they catch new popularity by translating themselves into a modern style. Many women support items like high waist skinny pants, producer-maki sweater(sweater draped over the shoulders), floral-printed pants and botanical print.

The tip to brighten women might be enjoying dressing up with own values more than anything, although the fashion has many genres and trends. It can be said that the popularity of the fashion pursuing own values and responding to not the conventional fashion but fashion trends proves that women enjoy it.

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