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Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren
America (1968-)
Main item
Tops,Outerwear,Dress,Onepiece,Bottoms,Shoes,Bag,Wallet,Accessory,Watch,Goods,Sports,Underwear,Children clothing,Cosme 
Web site

Official : http://www.ralphlauren.com/

Online shop : http://www.ralphlauren.co.jp/?cm_mmc=GEO-_-US-_-Geo_iJP_rUS_dJP-_-PC


Twitter  : https://twitter.com/RalphLauren

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RalphLaurenJapan

: 4.7  -  Point:8,193 pt (Ranking 81)

About Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is fashion brand which it was founded by Ralph LAUREN which was bearing its own name in america in 1968 and it is 49 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of cosmetics, street, sports, jeans, dress. You can get Ralph Lauren items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Flight jacket, Parker, Socks, Dungaree shirt, Muffler.

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I popped in to buy a work shirt. I told the staff that I wanted a cool shirt that also looked refreshing in hot Summer, and she helped me to choose it. She recommended several shirts and I picked the one that I could wear in different styles in the end. I could learn a lot as she told me that we could wear an item in a way of fun, not sticking with stereotypes. I could spend an enjoyable time during the shopping. My colleagues and customers made a nice compliment when I wore it for work on the following week. It was a shop I want to buy something again.


This is an outlet shop for RALF LAUREN. ☆ There are items for all, men's, ladies', kids' and babies. I bought a shirt, polo shirt and trousers. There are many items and the price becomes more reasonable when sale is on. A whole family can enjoy shopping within 1 shop as it has items for all family members. We sometimes go there when we go out with family. I feel very good because the way the shop assistants serve customers is well trained and their appearance always look neat.

   Ralph Lauren Hankyu Mens Osaka

I was looking for a graduation gift for my boyfriend, and I entered this store. I had a great impression for the store associate since he would not follow you as you shop, and he talked to me when I needed. I told them what kind of body shape he had, and what kind of things he liked, then he brought me several suggestions and he even offered to wear them for himself so that I could see what size would be best for my boyfriend. I bought vest and pants as a set, but he told me if I got the wrong size I was welcome to come back to exchange it. In the end the size I got would not fit my boyfriend perfectly well, so I took them back to the store, but the store associate dealt with me nicely. They did not even made a face, and they knew about their clothing very well and I could rely them on. I just got the invitation brochure for the father's day gift, so I am planning to visit them again.

   Ralph Lauren DAIMARU kobe

I bought 3 Kid's clothes. I want 3 of the same clothes, one is for a gift. A shop looks rich, organized and wide enough to look around. A salesclerk looked a little difficult to talk. But when I asked her, she was nice so I could choose the ones. I was nervous because I don't usually go to the shop. Anyway I was in the shop for a long time because they have lots of cute clothes. I chose 3 T-shirts with different colors and sizes. I was looking for the size 100 cm, but there is no stock. Then I decided to buy the size 110cm. They wrapped each cloth and put them in each bag. I was satisfied. The person that got the present looked so happy. I want to go there again.

Ralph Lauren shop information

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