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Japan  - Tokyo-to (1997-)
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JOURNAL STANDARD is fashion brand which it was founded by BAYCREW'S GROUP in japan(Tokyo-to) in 1997 and it is 20 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of select shop, dress, shoes, accessories, eye wear. You can get JOURNAL STANDARD items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Loafer, Bracelet, Cut sew, Ribbon belt, Knit jacket.

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I bought a long duffle coat at LONDON TRADITION. Although I was indecisive and I was thinking between long and short length for a very long time, the staff kindly helped me. The colour I wanted was being sold out and she arranged to order it from other shop. It was reassuring because I was told that I could decide whether buying or not after trying on, rather than not based on the assumption that I would definitely buy. Also I'm pleased that I could take an advantage of 5% off from LUMINE reward card as the shop is within LUMINE! The shop is on the 3rd floor in TACHIKAWA LUMINE!

   JOURNAL STANDARD namba city

Bought a striped long sleeved shirt and a pair of New Balance trainers. The staff told me that the striped shirt was machine washable. Also it was very helpful as she gave me some coordination for the shirt. I bought 996 series of New Balance trainers and they were comfortable. It was good that the staff recommendation was based on its usability and comfort as well as for the fashion sense. I want to go there again as I shopped comfortably.


I purchased light color jeans. I already had darker color, but since summer approached and wanted to buy lighter color one, so I asked them if they carry at the store and purchased them. They also advised me that it would go well with border t-shirts, white shirts, and cardigans and I had a good impression on them. The store was well organized and it was easy to see, and had cleaned well. It was located on the 4th floor of Kirarina in Kichijoji, and they carried both male and female items so it would be easy to go there as a date. The store associates were cheerful and I highly recommend this place.

I was looking for a thin jacket for Spring. I saw a jacket facing outward on the hanger rail as soon as I went in the shop. Because I looked around so many shops, I wanted to look at it. No one particularly talked to me. A shop assistant started talking to other customer in front of the jacket so I couldn't get any closer.
I then went round further to look for different jackets but I couldn't find any. However the shop was neat and easy to look around.

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