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gelato pique

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gelato pique
Japan  - Tokyo-to (2008-)
mash style lab,. Inc. 
Yoko Asanoma 
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About gelato pique

gelato pique is fashion brand which it was founded by mash style lab,. Inc. in japan(Tokyo-to) in 2008 and it is 9 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of street, youth, cosmetics, bag, dress. You can get gelato pique items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Body Care, Hand Care, Shorts, Lip make, Shirt.

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   gelato pique Printemps Ginza

GELATO PIQUE on the 3rd floor in PRINTEMPS is just on the right hand side after getting off the upwards escalator. I could take time to choose without being watched by the shop assistants. I bought a striped poncho for my friend's baby and I wanted to buy other babies gifts at GELATO PIQUE as it was soft and the design was cute. The newly arrived dressing gown was cute and I would be coming again to buy it for my self! The PRINTEMPS GINZA shop is recommended as the shop assistants aren't insistent!!

Went to look at baby grows and baby changing bags. The staff politely told me about the current trend and that how they would look like when a baby wore them in detail. It was also attractive that the staff was based on users point of view. She wouldn't recommend to share a baby changing bag with men because all the bags were designed for ladies when I told her that my husband also wanted to use it. I have some lounge wear for myself and all are comfortable for good night sleep. I love them as they are warm in Winter time, and cute in pastel colours.

   gelato pique LUMINE Ikebukuro

When I was wandering and window shopping, I happened to go in as it had a sale. Although I only tended to look around, I ended up with buying a tote bag, and a jumper at the sale price, furthermore purchased a fluffy lounge wear at the retail price (lol). My wallet clasp became loosened for the sale. :-D To be honest, it was the first time to go in a GELATO PIQUE but the shop was really cute, needless to say that the clothes were pretty as well! My girl's spirit kept being stimulated. I wanted to live in a room like that...♪ I love the fluffy lounge wear and I want to pop in again.

I went to buy a tummy tube for cold measures as I found out that I was pregnant and it was Winter. I was very happy with the cute and fluffy one in pastel colours. However the cashier was somehow grumpy…I didn't know what to do as she didn't even answer my question. I had no idea what happened to her but I didn't think it was acceptable to show such attitude to customers as a shop assistant in a department store. Because it's a pretty shop and it has items that we get excited by, I want the shop assistants to act cheerfully.

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