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Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein
America (1968-)
Calvin Klein 
Italo ZucchelliFrancisco Costa,  
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Tops,Outerwear,Dress,Onepiece,Bottoms,Shoes,Bag,Wallet,Accessory,Watch,Goods,Suit,Uniform,Sports,Underwear,Children clothing,Cosme 
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About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is fashion brand which it was founded by Calvin Klein which was bearing its own name in america in 1968 and it is 49 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of clock, bag, dress, shoes, accessories. You can get Calvin Klein items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Boston bag, Jacket, Half coat, Hunting, Belt.

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   Calvin Klein nagoya PARCO

I went to men's clothing store. The male store associate was horrible… He called himself that their clothing were "expensive". I have never met a store associate saying themselves that they are "expensive". Even the store that are more expensive than that store would not say that.

   Calvin Klein ISETAN Shinjuku

I was talking with my girlfriend that men's fashion starts from underwear so I bought two boxer pants with classy graphics (an alphabet printed one, and orange color one). The store associates would not do business talk unnecessary, and it was easy to choose. The store was decorated with formal items which was perfect as a brand that sells adults charm. It was first time choosing underwears with my girlfriend and I think choosing underwear from decent brand with my girlfriend was a lot of fun.


I was looking for a tie and an accessory. A salesclerk recommended me various ties, and he also showed me a different type of tie that I've never had. But as a result, it was a good satisfied purchase so far. I don't come here that often, but I had a business meeting near the shop. So I stopped by and it was good that a salesclerk was so nice to me. I was able to look around the shop because the shop has simple diasplay and calm atomosphere.


I was thinking about a coat and watch at an American designer brand, CALVIN KLEIN.
I tried it on as I wanted to see what kind of quality and design. Overall, I felt they were sophisticated items from New York. I used to buy from this brand years ago (recently I often buy from DOLCE & GABBANA or ARMANI), but the staff was polite (a female shop assistant. looked like sophisticated) and I'm thinking to buy the coat next time.

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