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Fast fashion - Shopping Guide

Fast fashion is

Fast fashion is production and selling of new products for a short term as its name suggests. The most of selling products are reasonable low price range while they're designed with responding to the trend. The word, fast fashion, begun to be known in mid 2000's and it's ranked among top 10 of word of the year in 2009. The character is that most companies use the way of SPA which means doing all process from planning, production and advertisement to selling by in house.

A unique point of SPA is having a little production volume per each product while having a lot numbers of products. It can achieve reasonable low price because it doesn't have bad inventory by the low-volume production and moreover by cutting out the middleman.

Besides, fast fashion attracts customers by fast cycle of products so they don't get bored and can enjoy finding new products every time when they come to stores.

Famous brand

Speaking of Japanese fast fashion, many people might come up UNIQLO to mind. UNIQLO was born in Hiroshima in 1992 and became a big fast fashion brand running about 1,300 stores in the world now in 2014. HEATTECH inner and ULTRA LIGHT DOWN that many people can recognize what the product is just by hearing the name of them and that proves their popularity.

There are also other Japanese fast fashion brands with each character such as MUJI, GU and Shimamura and others.

In the world, there are many fast fashion brands such as H&M in Sweden, ZARA in Spain, TOPSHOP in the U.K. and GAP in the U.S.. Most of them have already opened stores in Japan and that shows healthy growth of fast fashion brands in Japanese market.

Inditex running ZARA had the highest sales in the world big apparel companies in fiscal year 2013. H&M, GAP and FAST RETAILING running Japanese UNIQLO ranked after ZARA. Also, looking at the companies at top 10, Shimamura in Japan ranked at 9. That might shows fast fashion is good shape in Japanese market.

Fast fashion celebrities use regularly

It's the fact that some people think fast fashion is less fashionable than high class brands. But if you look to the world, you can see many celebrities enjoy dressing up clothes of fast fashion.

The most famous one of them is Princess Kate from British Royal Family. We often she attends events of Royal Family wearing clothes of fast fashion brands. It's reported many times especially that she wears clothes of TOPSHOP.

In addition, Kate Moss, a worldwide top model, is known a regular user of TOPSHOP and she introduced Kate Moss for Topshop which is a collaboration line.

And Abecrombie&Fitch in the U.S. has many famous celebrities as regular users like Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and David Beckham. Fast fashion has a strong impression that is easy to get with the reasonable price but it has many high-responded fashion products so that many celebrities use them regularly.

The way how to get a good deal at fast fashion

Fast fashion has a common pitfall that you are lured by the cheap price and buy something on impulse. There are some tips to get a good deal at fast fashion.

Sometimes you can't afford to clothes you want at high class brand stores. In that case, you should remember the cloth's character clearly and find a similar design at fast fashion stores. They have many brands such as the one specialized a basic design and the one specialized trend items and others. You have many chances to meet the design similar to the one you want if you go to stores where have items similar to what you want.

Also, one of the fast fashion characters is they have many trend-responded designs. It's the right place to but trendy clothes that you're not sure that are still in fashion next year. You should better take advantage of them because you can find trendy clothes with the reasonable price.

It's also important not to miss irregular discounts. Each brand makes a discount by each strategy, for example, GAP's store staff hand out discount lots and UNIQLO provides specific items with the discount price when customers download an application to their smart phones. You can't miss this opportunity because fast fashion item are usually cheap but you can buy them with much cheaper than usual then.

The point of coordinates you must practice is not to wear fast fashion items all over your body but to add other brands' items somewhere as an accent. Mixed coordinates, for example wearing jeans of the brand you usually use and putting on small items of high brand, maximize the fashion attractions of fast fashion brands.

The most attractive point of fast fashion would be that they make your fashion range much wider and they are even friendly on the wallet by finding brands suit to your fashion.

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