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About ZARA

ZARA is fashion brand which it was founded by Inditex in spain in 1975 and it is 42 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of youth, street, bag, dress, shoes. You can get ZARA items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop, Stand alone and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is blouse, Blouson, Shirt, Boots, Jumper.

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This brand is one of the best known Japanese brands! Its worldwide sales is doing quite well and I guess that many people, both men and women, are wearing their items! The shop in KUZUHA MALL occupies 2 of those floors. The ladies and kids items are on the ground floor and men's items are on the 2nd floor. The shop assistants are kind and give us some coordinate ideas. Particularly the clothes are frequently replaced by new items and I never get tired of looking at them whenever I go. The price is more reasonable for being in a shopping mall compared to other shops in the city and I think this point is grabbing customers heart tightly.

   zara kichijoji

I bought 2 kid's jacquard knit jumpers for myself. Adults can also wear ZARA's kids clothes without any problem as they are in wide varieties of size and many are in adult-like designs! Particularly in this Kichijoji shop, the 3rd floor is dedicated for kids items and we can try clothes on without worrying other people. It's a reassurance as the staff is also wearing kids clothes. lol We can take time to look around as the staff doesn't come to talk to us until we ask. Although the shop might be difficult to find as a stand alone shop at the back of Kichijoji Tokyu, it's an advantage of being a hideout on the other hand.

   ZARA Terrace mall Shonan

Because the shop is big, and there are many kids and men's items, we can shop as a family. You can take a kid to the fitting room with you as it's also big. I bought a ladies bag and shoes. Although there weren't those shoes in my size, the staff politely and quickly find them for me when I asked her. I could buy with confidence after tried them on. You can also buy your husband's items as there are some male shop assistants. I also bought my husband's clothes and the staff kindly gave us some advice on the size and coordination.

   ZARA AEON MALL Miyazaki

Bought a White jersey top and a pair of pumps. When I was trying the pumps on, the staff modestly provided me a chair. I remember that I was happy with her thoughtful service. The size didn't fit me but she went to check with other sizes straight away. Fortunately they were available in my size and I bought them. I didn't think I bought them if she didn't check it. I was very pleased with such modest kindness.

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