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repipi armario
Japan  - Tokyo-to
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About repipi armario

repipi armario is fashion brand which it was founded by in japan(Tokyo-to).

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Servie at Repipi is good.

   repipi armario goshogawara elm

It's about 30km away from home but I go there every other month as the shop assistants are nice and kind.
I went today and it was nice as always. :-)


My daughter aske me to go to AEON mall Musashi Murayama with her.
Repipi Armario was supposed to be a very popular brand for teenagers so I expected some kind of kid's shop but it was fashionable, nothing different from shops for adults.
All shop assistants nicely dressed and cute, they came to talk to my daughter who went to such shop first time. They also recommended some co-ordinations and they were so efficient despite my daughter had to change the clothes to different sizes many times. She looked happy, too. The prices are reasonable so this shop is highly recommended. It's on the 3rd floor in AEON mall Musashi Murayama.

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