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Nudie Jeans

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Nudie Jeans
Maria Erixon 
Maria Erixon 
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About Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is fashion brand which it was founded by Maria Erixon in sweden in 2001 and it is 16 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of accessories, sports, hat, jeans. You can get Nudie Jeans items on Shopping mall, Select shop, Stand alone and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Sweater, Hunting, Belt, Sweatshirt, Cap.

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   Nudie Jeans Laforet Harajuku

I bought a denim item for 30,000yen in the shop in La Foret Harajuku the other day.
This shop is the only place I buy denims from. They have other branches in Shinjuku LUMINE or other stores but I like this one in La Foret for some reason. It's not a big shop or it's interior design isn't particularly outstanding, however their staff quality is very high standard.
I'm also involved in fashion business myself and I can see that high level of knowledge is possible with training.

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