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Jimmy Choo

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Jimmy Choo
England (1996-)
Jimmy Choo 
Jimmy Choo 
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Official : http://www.jimmychoo.com/

Online shop : http://row.jimmychoo.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-jchrow-Site/en/Default-Start?geoip=geoip


Twitter  : https://twitter.com/JimmyChooLtd

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JimmyChoo.jp?brand_redir=1

: 4.7  -  Point:5,453 pt (Ranking 9,506)

About Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is fashion brand which it was founded by Jimmy Choo which was bearing its own name in england in 1996 and it is 21 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of bag, shoes, accessories, eye wear. You can get Jimmy Choo items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop, Stand alone and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Clutch bag, Shoulder bag, Tote bag, Coin case, Sunglasses.

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I enjoyed shopping as the staff told me this year's trend and how to coordinate.
There are many varieties of items from casual trainers to plain pumps and it's nice to be able to choose depending on the occasions. I bought a pair of pointed toe flat shoes.
The shop is along the wall, opposite CELINE on the 2nd floor in Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae store.

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