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France (1951-)
Hubert de GIVENCHY 
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About Givenchy

Givenchy is fashion brand which it was founded by Hubert de GIVENCHY in france in 1951 and it is popular brand of more than in 66 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of fragrance, cosmetics, sports, dress, accessories. You can get Givenchy items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop, Stand alone and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Taiping, Denim jacket, Perfume, Taiping, Handkerchief.

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When I was wondering about to look for a wallet, I saw a very pretty one in that shop and I bought it. My wallet I'd been using got older and I wanted something similar, the size and the shape of the zip etc., a shop assistant who served me got what I wanted and I found the lovely wallet.
The staff wrote to me a few days later and it was really a nice letter, telling me how to maintain the wallet along with a casual chat!

   Givenchy Ginza MITSUKOSHI

I bought a GIVENCHY bag in Ginza Mitsukoshi on my birthday in last December. The staff there was really nice and friendly. I found a bag I liked.
A shop assistant at bag section on the ground floor was too pushy and annoyed so I didn't buy anything there. I think the staff there is always not nice. I guess the staff in the stand alone shops or brands' branches are better trained?

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