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Japan  - Tokyo-to (1976-)
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Tops,Outerwear,Bottoms,Accessory,Watch,Goods,Children clothing 
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COMME ÇA DU MODE is fashion brand which it was founded by FIVE FOXes CO,.LTD in japan(Tokyo-to) in 1976 and it is 41 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of youth, street, accessories, eye wear. You can get COMME ÇA DU MODE items on Shopping mall, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Kimono, Band, Yukata, Optical frame, Yukata.

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Me and mum often go to this shop. We can find here what we want in basic style. The location is good and it's beside the entrance of 2nd floor corridor between ARIO Yao and Seibu department store. I bought T-shirts and jersey tops at Seibu several times after I went to ARIO to look at items. It's very handy as there is another 2nd floor corridor on opposite at the Kintetsu Yao station. The shop is not very big but the shop assistants reasonably help us to choose items and it's easy to shop.


On the other day, I went to COMME CA DU MODE on the 1st floor in Matsumoto PARCO to look for a suit for the entrance ceremony at a kindergarten. I don't usually wear a suit so I don't know what to buy. It was easy to walk in the shop because they have calm atmosphere. After a while I walked in the shop, a salesclerk talked to me and showed me an item that would be good on me. She showed me a skirt that had just right length and a jacket that had right size. I could do my shopping smoothly. I felt that they were kind and polite for service that includes fitting.

   COMME ÇA DU MODE tokiwa oita

I was looking for a suit for my kid's nursery school admission ceremony.
I couldn't find any due to my height being taller then came to this shop. The shop assistant was very kind and she recommended me a set up suit, and coordinated a jacket and trousers that I could wear in other occasions, too. So I had more options.
When I wasn't sure if I should buy them in Medium or Large size, she assisted me until I decided without showing any grumpy face despite I tried them on many times, so I bought them with confidence. The aisles were wide and it was easy to go round with a pushchair. I could take time to shop while other shop assistant looked after my kid.

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