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England (1856-)
Christopher Bailey 
Main item
Tops,Outerwear,Dress,Onepiece,Bottoms,Shoes,Bag,Wallet,Accessory,Watch,Goods,Sports,Underwear,Children clothing,Cosme 
Web site

Official : http://www.burberry.com/

Online shop : http://uk.burberry.com/?selected=Y


Twitter  : https://twitter.com/Burberry

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: 4.7  -  Point:9,885 pt (Ranking 35)


BURBERRY is fashion brand which it was founded by Thomas BURBERRY in england in 1856 and it is popular venerable brand of more than in 100 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of bag, shoes, clock, accessories, hat. You can get BURBERRY items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop, Stand alone and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Perfume, Trunks, Sweater, Pants, Stall.

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   burberry ginza

Purchased a BURBERRY trench coat. Although there were many varieties of trench coats, I picked one after the staff politely explained and let me try about 5 different coats on. Because the coat was full of distinctive features for material, colours of fabric and buttons that were different from other coats, I was happy with it. One thing I noticed was that there were many Chinese customers who haphazardly tried many items on, and I felt that the brand's prestigious had been faded slightly...

   BURBERRY JR Nagoya Takashimaya

I went to my favourite brand, well established and trustworthy BURBERRY, as I wanted to wear it at my kid's graduation ceremony. When I was looking at items I liked after I went in, a shop assistant came to talk to me, brought some suits that would suit my body shape. I tried 3 different suits and I decided to buy one that contained a knee length flared skirt and a jacket. I'm short and slightly chubby but the jacket made my waist look thinner, I like them covering my body shape. She also chose a long sleeved jersey top for me to wear inside the suit. She picked this as it could also be casually worn as a daily clothes. The inside is big and easy to look around. I think most shop assistants are kind and easy to talk to.


I bought a coat and polo shirt. The coat was a waterproof type that I could wear on rainy days. I was going to buy a bag but I didn't buy it after all as my eyes got caught by clothes. I often go to this shop and the shop assistants are very kind. If I say I want to buy a coat, they let me try as many coats as possible until I satisfy and they choose it with me. I go to other brand shops but so far I think the customer service in this shop is the best.


It's a huge shop. It has all babies', kids', ladies', and men's items. There was a time when I found items that the standard BURBERRY shops didn't have. They are more value for money during the sale period. We can look at items whatever we like separately when we go shopping with family. I bought a Summer dress the other day. It was a casual dress for daily use but I liked it a lot as it looked very nice. A shop assistant came to talk to me and brought that dress for me when I told what I wanted. She was very kind.

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