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About Bershka

Bershka is fashion brand which it was founded by Inditex in spain in 1998 and it is 19 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of street, youth. You can get Bershka items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site)

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   Bershka shibuya zero gate

I often go to Shibuya or Odaiba shop as BERSHKA doesn't have many shops yet. Purchased a pair of jeans. I could buy them at about half price at the bargain sale. Although the fitting rooms are always busy, the fitting rooms on the 4th floor is recommended. They are quite vacant. I happen to buy many items as my purchase desire increases when I'm in the shop that plays loud music. Many shop assistants look flashy but they can be polite when we talk to them. They don't actively serve customers in this shop.

I love fast fashion and my favourite is BERSHKA.
The shop assistants seem to be a bit mature but they kindly listen to me so it's easy to shop.
I bought anklets, a cardigan and a bag. The anklets had several charms and they were a set of 5 in Gold, Silver, Rose Gold etc., I bought them as they were cute and reasonable.
The bag was made by fabric and it was toss up between Ivory or Black and I asked the staff who suggested that Ivory was more like Summer-ish so I bought it.
The staff never talk to us without any intention so we can ask them when needed and try the clothes on at our own pace. It's an advantage to be able to pop in when I go grocery shopping as the shop is in AEON.

It became my favourite shop since the first time I went there after my friend recommended.
The inside is very big and the layout of the clothes is easy to look at.
My favourite items are denim trousers. There are many varieties of size range and the shape looks very nice when wearing, and the price is reasonable, so I want to have them as many pairs as possible.
I tended to choose darker colours as I was concerned about my big thighs. I was pleased with the shop assistant kindly answered me when I asked 'Which colour makes my legs look slimmer?'

Bell Mama
   Bershka AEON Laketown kaze

My favourite brand is BERSHKA and I go to a Koshigaya Lake Town shop as it's nearest from my home.
The good point in this shop is that there are both men's and ladies' items. We can buy for our partners as well as purchasing for ourselves. Also the shop assistants are kind and politely deal with us when we ask for their opinions or we aren't sure.
The inside is very big and the items are all sophisticated. We'll never get bored with this shop as they have new arrivals every other week.

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