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ANNA SUI is fashion brand which it was founded by ANNA SUI which was bearing its own name in america in 1980 and it is 37 years since the establishment. Particularly it's high reputation as a brand of bag, shoes, eye wear, accessories, cosmetics. You can get ANNA SUI items on Shopping mall, Outlet, Select shop and so on. Also you can get items on online web site.(There is also official online web site) Item is Stall, Charm, Handkerchief, Muffler, Gloves.

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   ANNA SUI Kichijoji PARCO

Bought a shoulder bag and handkerchief at ANNA SUI. The shop assistants in this shop don't actively talk to the customers but they kindly answers when asked. They have a modest, gentle attitude and are nice. There always seem to be many young girls from teens to in their 20's in the shop. The interior is based on Black and Purple, and I can feel happiness by just looking at the items as it has ANNA SUI's distinctive atmosphere. The shop is on the ground floor and we can casually pop in.


The brand is my favorite and one of the shop that I always come to buy some clothes. The salesclerk who is always taking care of me is really nice and helps me to choose an item. It seems like she studies a lot, so she can answer my questions immediately. Even if she doesn't know what I ask for, she checks quickly. She always tries hard to get me something I want. So I feel bad, but I'm so satisfied with purchase and want to come here again. Since I always get nice service at the shop, I decided to buy an accessory for a special wedding party. She showed me the accessory that I checked. Also she gets some other accessories from other shops for me, which could be another stock for the shop. Anyway, I was able to buy the one. I felt so bad about her kindness, but the service give customers good impression. I was so happy.


I don't normally buy from ANNA SUI but I glanced a cute coat and I went there again after the long consideration over a few days. A casual shop assistant with a lovely smile came to talk to me and helped me who was indecisive for a long time before I decided the purchase. I often go to Mitsukoshi and I want to go there again.


A few days ago I went to Isetan to buy a bag at my favorite shop, ANNA SUI. Both customers and shop staffs in this shop are really fashionable and cute so they stimulate my fashion mind, also I can learn fashion coordination. Vivid colors are this shop’s feature, therefore I treated myself and purchased a purple leather bag this time.

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